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LLDC Folk Festival 2020

Shrujan Trust was founded by Chanda Shroff in 1969. It is a not-for-profit, non-government organization, based in Bhuj, Kutch. It is a pioneer in craft revival and craft entrepreneurship with its primary success being hand embroidery. In 2006 Chandaben Shroff was awarded the Rolex Award for Enterprise. Since then, Shrujan began to envision a greater role in the preservation and conservation of the Kutchi craft and culture, and this vision culminated in the establishment of Living and Learning Design Centre (LLDC) in January 2016. Located in Ajarakhpur, Bhuj-Kutch, LLDC is a multi-dimensional crafts education and resource centre.

In January 2018 LLDC organized LLDC Folk Festival as a celebration of our 2-year anniversary, observing the culture, craft, music, dance, and food of Kutch and other parts of India. In January 2019 we collaborated with the North-East of India to organize LLDC folk Festival with NAMASTE (North-East India Cultural Festival), where 5 northeastern states participated in the 5 day event. For the upcoming years we are working on collaborating with different regions of India to celebrate an annual cultural exchange festival.

The festival featured exclusive creations made by craftspeople of Kutch and Northeast India that were put up for sale. This was all held in the LLDC campus, which also houses a well-researched gallery displaying the history, work, and lives of 9 communities of Kutch. Visitors were also given the opportunity to try their hands on different crafts.

Come experience the diverse cultures, crafts, arts, folk dances, and folk music.
Try your hands at various heritage handcrafts, snack on the choicest appetisers, and let local dancers and musicians enchant you with every rhythmic note.

Date: 19th January 2020 to 23rd January 2020.

Keep watching this space for more updates.
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