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The Living and Learning Design Centre – or LLDC, as we call it – celebrated its second birthday just two months ago, in January 2018.

We are delighted – and so proud! – that The Living Embroideries of Kutch, our very first show in our first gallery, has been seen and appreciated by about 30,000 people from all over the world.

Even as The Living Embroideries of Kutch continues in its fourth edition, we inaugurated our second gallery this month with a unique art show.

There is no need for us to get old . . . features paintings and drawings by 95-year-old self-taught artist Kantisen Shroff.

The 207 exhibits trace the artist’s five-year journey – from drawings of trees, birds, animals and flowers done with pencil and water colours, to still lives combining oil pastels, powder pastels and pencil colours, and then on to landscapes and seascapes, displaying his growing mastery over movement.

Why did we choose this show to inaugurate our new gallery? Not just to indulge an elderly gentleman, charming though he undoubtedly is. Not because the artist happens to be the husband of the late Chanda Shroff, who was the driving force behind setting up LLDC. We chose Kantisen Shroff – or Kaka, as he is affectionately called – because he embodies the spirit of LLDC: the passion to keep learning, to rediscover the magic of working with the hand, to continue to pursue perfection . . . and to find in this search a reason to live with dignity and purpose.

Do come and see. And perhaps be inspired to discover the artist within you!

“My age was increasing but it was not getting in my way . . . mind and body were progressing together . . . the most satisfactory part is that . . . I could move beyond the limitations of the body and stay committed to the journey. There is no need for us to get old.”

– Kantisen Shroff

Kaka’s artwork