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Festival Overview & Programs

Between 19th and 23rd January 2023, the Living and Learning Design Centre Museum, Bhuj, Kachchh will host the ‘Living Lightly- Journeys with Pastoralists’ exhibition and event for their annual winter festival. Over many years, Shrujan LLDC has been engaged in bringing to the world the exquisite art and craft traditions of the artisan communities of Kachchh. This year, in partnership with the Centre for Pastoralism, the winter festival will celebrate pastoral communities of the region.

In 2018 LLDC organised its first winter festival and showcased Kachchh communities through their folk dances, music, cuisine, arts and crafts. Subsequently, LLDC celebrated this festival as an annual engagement in 2019 & 2020 in collaboration with different states. In 2019, LLDC stepped forward and began to celebrate this festival in a cross-cultural style with the title NAMASTE, which showcased the rich cultural heritage of five of the northeastern Indian states. WZCC (West Zone Cultural Centre, Udaipur) & NEZCC (North East Zone Cultural Centre, Chandigarh) rendered support in organizing this festival. In the year 2020, LLDC invited the state of Jammu & Kashmir to Kachchh and the confluence of two different cultures, ranging from music & dance to food & crafts, was exhibited to thousands of people who attended the festival.

Due to the pandemic, an inevitable gap in this chain of cultural celebrations has occurred in the last two years – 2021 & 2022. From 2023 LLDC is bringing back the tradition of celebrating crafts and cultures via the Living Lightly- Journeys with Pastoralists’ exhibition and event with equal zest as it has in the past years. The Living Lightly Exhibition will be accompanied by a range of events- performances, film screenings, a pastoral food festival, the Sanjha bazaar, workshops, immersive field experiences, curated programmes for children and consultations with the pastoral communities from across the country.

This festival is a joint endeavour of LLDC, Centre for Pastoralism & Sahjeevan on the land, lives and culture of the pastoralists of India, to showcase the world of Maaldharis to not only sensitize people about it but also to create a space for visitors to experience and understand the concept of Living Lightly in the true sense of the words!

Living Lightly Exhibition

Living Lightly ~ Journeys with Pastoralists is the first curated exhibition on pastoralism in India, covering the land, lives and livelihoods of Indian pastoralists with a focus on pastoralism in Kachchh. It captures their remarkable history of mobility, the ecosystems that nurture their life-worlds, their culture, science, art, politics, spiritual moorings, the economics and challenges of herding. The exhibitions hold space for conversations amongst pastoral communities across geographies, conversations between pastoralists and citizens at large, and engaged dialogues about pastoralism in India.

Date : 19th to 23rd January, 2023
TIme : 10:00 AM to 09:30 PM
Place : LLDC Craft Museum Campus

Sanjha Bazaar

The Sanjha bazaar will be a curated marketplace for pastoral crafts. The bazaar will celebrate the natural skins and fibres of camels, sheeps, goats and yaks, bred and herded by pastoralists and showcase handcrafted processes and products from several regions and organizations working with pastoral crafts.

Date : 19th to 23rd January, 2023
TIme : 11 AM to 9.30 PM
Place : LLDC Craft Museum Campus

Cultural Performances

Performances by pastoral artists will spotlight the beautiful music and dance traditions of the pastoral communities of Kachchh as well as Saurastra and other regions of India. Bhitai festival’ will engage with the immersive musical traditions of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, bringing stories alive through conversations and music.

Date : 19th to 23rd January, 2023
TIme : 5.30 PM to 9.30 PM
Place : LLDC Craft Museum Campus

Film Screenings

Film Screenings A three-day curated film festival will give visitors an opportunity to take a peek at what pastoralism looks like around the world, with films from Mongolia, Ladakh, Kachchh and many other pastoral landscapes.

Dates : 19th January, 2023 2 PM
22nd January, 2023 (Two Show : 11 AM & 2 PM)
23rd January, 2023 (Two Show : 11 AM & 2 PM)
Place : LLDC Auditorium

Craft Workshops

Craft Workshops A range of workshops with expert facilitators will give participants an opportunity to get an in-depth, hands-on understanding of pastoral crafts.

Date : 19th to 23rd January, 2023
TIme : 10 AM to 1 PM & 2 PM to 5 PM
Place : LLDC Craft Museum Campus

Immersive Field Visit

Visitors on these treks will have the opportunity to visit, first-hand the beautiful landscapes in which pastoralism in Kachchh thrives. They will visit pastoral settlements along migratory routes and have the opportunity to experience life on the move.

Date : 23rd to 29th January, 2023 (1 Day & 2 Day)
Locations : Chhari Dhandh, Lakhpat, Hodko

Pastoral Food

For centuries, pastoral communities have experimented with milk, meat and bread in their ‘open’ kitchens as they set up their settlements under the sky. The pastoral food festival will bring together the many food traditions around pastoral milk, cheese and by-products giving visitors an opportunity to taste and learn about them.

Date : 19th to 23rd January, 2023
TIme : 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Place : LLDC Craft Museum Campus


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