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‘LLDC Festival of Music’ is the first of its kind festival in Kutch to promote, encourage, and provide a platform to emerging young artists from the field of music. This is an avenue for such emerging talented musicians from Kutch to shine on the national and international levels. Not limiting the horizons to this motive, the festival also promotes and supports the fusion of traditional and contemporary music. This music festival was conceived and started in the year 2022 by The Shrujan Trust, Kutch, and organized every year in October, around ‘Sharad Poornima’. This 3-day event celebrates different genres and traditions of music.

DATE : 27th to 29th October


VENUE : LLDC Craft Museum, Bhuj-Bhachau Highway, Ajarakhpur, Bhuj Kachchh (Gujarat)


DAY 150 250 500
SEASON 400 600 1200


+91 28322 29090
| +91 89803 29090


  • 27th October - Friday
  • 28th October - Saturday
  • 29th October - Sunday

Mousam & Malka Mehta

Mousam and Malka stand out as multifaceted vocalists, adept in a diverse array of genres including Bollywood, Garba, and classic old songs. Known affectionately as the “Tanariri Sisters” their harmonious renditions have graced the esteemed stages of the TANARIRI Mahotsav, showcasing their versatile and rich musical talents. Adding to their acclaim, they have also performed in the Coke Studio song “Khalasi,” a hit that triumphantly crossed 25 million views on YouTube, further solidifying their position in the music industry.



The Konkan Collective

The Konkan Collective is a group of 5 young female singers living in Mumbai. The journey of Konkan Collective has been nothing less than incredible. They have proven the power of dedication, passion, and unity. The emotional roller-coaster ride that led to the successful shows has been etched in their hearts forever.

The unique personality and talent of each member have combined to form a harmonious band that transcends the boundaries of music.

Such a collaboration would undoubtedly be a masterpiece that would capture hearts and leave a lasting legacy, etc.

Akshat Parikh & Band

  • Akshat belongs from Pt. Jasraji’s Mewati Gharana and began learning Indian Classical Music at the age of 7 under his grandfather, Pt. Krishnakant Parikh.
  • He has worked as a music supervisor and played a significant role in the popular web series “Bandish Bandits” on Amazon Prime. He trained the entire cast in the series, including esteemed actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Sheeba Chaddha, Rajesh Telang, Ritwik Bhowmik, and Shreya Chaudhary. He is currently working on Bandish Bandits Season 2 and the Tamil series- Sweet Karam Coffee, releasing soon on Amazon Prime.
  • Akshat has made significant contributions to renowned television serials and motion pictures by lending his vocal talent.
  • With over 10 years of professional experience, Akshat has performed more than 700 plus shows worldwide. He also achieved recognition as a finalist in India’s first online reality show, “Closeup Web Singer”, mentored by Music director Pritam.